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Workplace Safety

Are you looking for or in need of, a One-Stop-Shop solution for Safety Management, Training, and Wellness in your company (biggest loser, BP, TC-Glu, etc.)? Not sure what you need, or what’s required to stay compliant with current government regulations or company guidelines? FIRST 2 AID, IS YOUR ANSWER! With our managed plans, we cover everything a business needs and desires when it comes to safety and employee wellness.  All programs are customized to fit your company’s needs and cover your company for 24 months. 

Still not sure? Contact Us today for a FREE, no-obligation quote and find out how we can help you achieve your goals and get reimbursed up to 25% of the cost of one of our plans using little know government program funds! Call (407) 777-4322.


“PEER” is for every company. Use our services, and Florida employers can save up to 7% on Workers’ Compensation insurance by simply implementing, and maintaining a safety and drug-free workplace plan. Contact Us Today to find out more about our individual “PEER” (Prevention, Education, Equipment, Re-Evaluation) services. Our Services include but are not limited to:


Drug Free Program Implementation
Safety Program Implementation
Emplyee Wellness Program
Drug Testing
Wellness Exams
Flu Shots


First Aid Kits & Supplies
AED’s and Supplies
Safety Equipment
OTC Medications
Fire Extinguisher Maintenance
Yearly Equipment Check


CPR & First Aid
OSHA Courses
Job Specific Safety Courses
Bloodborne Pathogen
Workplace First Responder
Fire Extinguisher Training


Incident Evaluation
Incident Debriefing
Additional Safety Training
Amend Safety Plan or SOPs
Safety Walk-through
Management Training


First 2 Aid, LLC is one of Orlando’s Premiere First Aid & CPR Training Companies. We offer dozens of training courses specially designed to meet all of your safety needs around the house, community, and in the workplace. In addition to customized and specialized courses, the following courses are regularly taught by our staff for conventions, churches, educational facilities, private residences, and offices: These courses are not only affordable, and completed in less than two hours and require a minimum of five students.

5 person minimum, as low as $25 per person, price includes their card.

First Aid
Bloodbourne Pathogen
Canine First Aid and CPR


Basic Safety Training and Aquatic Rescue for Hotels and Community Pools
OSHA Online 10 and 30 – Hour Courses
Forklift Operator
40+  Workplace Safety Topic Courses (PowerPoint and Manual Included)

First 2 Aid is committed to training non-medically trained individuals in a fun, relaxed environment. All classes are designed to provide you with not only the knowledge but also the confidence required during an emergency. These are hands-on courses, so please dress comfortably. All American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI) courses are recognized as an equivalent to both the American Heart Association and American Red Cross and meet all State, Federal, and OSHA requirements. Certification is issued and presented at the end of all courses. 

Keeping People Safe in the workplace

Preventing employee accidents and potential death is a natural priority, as most employers would agree. Most incidents do not arise out of malicious act and or horseplay in the workplace – hence, accidents happen.  Our goal is to assist you in establishing sound safety protocols and triggers to identify issues that may lead to less than favorable outcomes.   This is what happens daily across America when business cut corners or do not see the real value of training staff and management. Call (407) 777-4322 today to speak with a qualified specialist to start your safety program as soon as possible.

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