Workplace Safety

Do you need a One-Stop-Shop solution for Safety Management, Training and Wellness in your company? Are you not sure what you need, or what’s required to stay compliant? FIRST 2 AID IS YOUR ANSWER! With our managed plans we cover everything a business needs, and desires when it comes to safety and employee wellness. All plans are customized to your company’s needs and cover your company for 24 months. Still not sure? Contact Us today for a no obligation, FREE Quote and find out how we can help you get reimbursed up to 25% of the cost of one of our plans through government funds!


“PEER” is for every company. Use our services and Florida employers can save up to 7% on Workers’ Compensation insurance by simply implementing, and maintaining a safety and drug free workplace plan. Contact Us Today to find out more about our individual “PEER” services. Our Services include but are not limited to: