Mobile Doctors Office

If you are on this webpage it is most likely because your organization has scheduled some dates and times for a mobile doctor’s office to come see your group. That – or they are interested in scheduling a time and want your feedback.  This service is the best way to save your time and to see a doctor hassle free. If we are coming to your place of employment, you should know that all information and medical issues are between you and the Nurse Practitioner or Medical Doctor that will be onsite. Check out this short video to learn exactly how it works. We look forward to providing you with the least stressful Doctor’s office visit of your life!


Below are some frequently asked questions

Q. Is this private? Does my employer get to know any of my personal health information?
A. This is 100% a PRIVATE doctor/patient visit. The office follows all Federal and State Privacy and HIPAA Laws (just like your traditional doctor’s office). Your employer and coworkers will never have the ability to know anything individually discussed or discovered during your visit with our physician.
Q. Why is my organization participating?
A. Anything can happen to even the most assumingly healthy people. A random mole on an arm could turn out to be skin cancer (melanoma) or a lump in the throat could be thyroid cancer. Some people may just have some slight cholesterol or blood issues they need to get a handle on. You don’t know what you don’t know. There are thousands of people a day who discover things too late, and you may even know or have heard of someone who this has happened to. Your employer does not want to see tragedy strike in the workplace. The Health Insurance Industry has also made it very difficult for companies to afford and offer good benefits in recent years. One of the only ways your company can fight back and try and lower those costs – so they can continue paying a part of your premium – is to provide wellness programs like this that help contain costs. Help yourself and your coworkers live healthily – especially if you are as passionate about saving lives as we are!
Q. What if I have already used my Free Annual well visit this year?
A. If you have done your general annual wellness visit within the last 300 days, you can still come into our doctor’s office to get your biometric bloodwork and vitals taken and receive a biometric report. We will also try an accommodate if you have some quick questions for our doctor but not an appointment time scheduled. The charge for Biometrics a only visit is $40 however check with your HR director as the company may be already be paying for it.
Q. Can I claim my $50-$75 wellness visit credit on my supplemental/accidental plan for using this visit (such as Aflac)?
A. Yes you can. This is a qualified annual well visit . Follow your supplemental carrier’s process for reimbursement and our MD or NP will sign off on anything needed.