How value added services can help retain and BOR health insurance accounts.

As a Health Insurance broker or agent selling and retaining clients is a difficult task. When renewal premiums keep going up, the buyers in the marketplace are not happy. The premiums keep going up and the benefits go down.  An agency and their agents have the best chance of retaining and writing new business when they can differentiate themselves from other brokers and agencies in the marketplace. Good agents do this through providing different valuable agency services, wellness programs, or even newer self funding products that are in the marketplace. Whichever agency can offer the best services with the same carriers everyone else quoted wins the bid process. It matters to the client that you care and are doing everything you can to help them keep their renewals under control.

If you are looking for a way to show your insureds and prospects how committed you are to helping their group be healthy, prevent catastrophic claims,and drive down their overall cost of Health Insurance watch this video and CONTACT US TODAY!

If you want to become the agent of record, or continue being the agent of record make sure your agency is offering this before someone else offers it to your client.

Send this separate  web page with a  different video specifically made for a client or prospect of yours, and get your first wellness program with us scheduled. We can promise once you work with us once it will be the beginning of a very long relationship and your book of business will continue to grow.