About Us


OUR NUMBER ONE GOAL is to help provide employers, organizations, and individuals with the tools they need to promote safety and health not only in the workplace, but also, in the community.


First 2 Aid, LLC was founded in 2012 to teach non-medically trained individuals, the skills needed to help friends, family, coworkers, and others having a medical emergency. We have continued our journey helping people through the trainings and products we offer and the progression into our onsite health services. This includes drug testing, flu shots, and our Mobile Health Screenings and Annual Physical Service. Our mission is to make Health and Safety not only a priority, but a benefit to both the employer and employees alike. In order to accomplish this, we made these services affordable and easily accessible to all companies, large and small throughout the state of Florida and that is why we went mobile!

On the training side of wellness and safety, we know with there are a lot of companies teaching these courses, you might be wondering what sets us apart. All of our instructors are current or previous Paramedics with at least 3 years of EMS experience. We feel, having qualified instructors with real-world emergency care experience, brings another dimension to the classroom. Our instructors will share real-life stories which help students engage and relate to the course topics at hand. Secondly, all of our courses are hands-on training courses. We will not put a movie in, tell you to watch it, and then take a test. We want our students to have both the knowledge, and the confidence, to perform these skills during a real emergency.

Since opening in 2012, we have evolved the company. First 2 Aid, LLC was accepted into the UCF Business Incubation Program and was viewed as an up and coming business in Central Florida. We took time to listen to our clients’ needs, brought in investors and have grown into a one-stop-shop for safety and wellness needs in the work place!