Corporate Safety

Corporate Safety and Wellness are key components in the reduction of both overall cost, and employee sick time. Click below, to find out more about the services First 2 Aid offers to promote both Healthy Living and Wellness in the Workplace.

Workplace Safety

Safety in the workplace is a requirement for all businesses, regardless of size or industry. With growing safety hazards and ever changing workplace requirements, First 2 Aid has you covered through our PEER Program.

Groups and Organizations

First 2 Aid understands the financial struggles of groups, organizations, churches and schools. First 2 Aid offers two unique Fundraising ideas! Our Training Courses can accommodate up to 100 participants at a time and most courses can be completed in less than two hours.


FIRST 2 AID, LLC IS WHERE SAFETY IS MADE SIMPLE. During an emergency there isn’t any time to panic or realize how you or your company are truly unprepared. In the United States, 3,000,000 workers every year are injured or become ill on the job and the direct workers’ compensation cost to employers due to these injuries and illnesses is over 52 billion dollars. Our goal is to provide quality safety training, equipment, programs, and solutions for businesses and organizations in a cost effective manner. Our services are ultimately designed to save these entities time, money, and reduce injuries and illnesses. We developed the “PEER” model to help you understand the four components needed to maintain a safe environment. While we understand not all injuries and illnesses can be prevented, we do realize the extent, cost, and frequency of those injuries and illnesses, can be greatly reduced by implementing the “PEER” model.